Rodney has been involved with martial arts since he was seven years old, tackling karate first, then onto jiu-jitsu, boxing, eskrima and then mixed martial arts. He started M.M.A. training in Colorado Springs in January 2000 under the supervision of Mike Brewer and Pat Cross at the Cutting Edge Martial Arts Academy.

While living in America he travelled through it training with Dan Inosanta, Eric Paulson, Machaddo Brothers, Dog Brothers, Frank Mir and Master Toddy. He was the third person in Ireland to obtain a Blue Belt under Royce Gracie and the first person in N.Ireland to get a purple belt under Next Generation Founder Chris Brennan, he also achieved an Apprentice Instructorship in Warriors Eskrima under Krishna Godhania.

Rodney has taken his club members to fight in the UFC, and many top European and UK shows and promotions. He currently has an active semi-pro and pro fight team that travel the world representing his small but modest club. He holds an Irish and U.K. Middleweight title and competed for a place in the “Ultimate Fighter 3″ television series. He got through to the last fifty finalists from a pool of several thousand applicants throughout the world.